Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monogram Burlap Wreath

Now introducing our latest addition....

The Monogram Burlap Wreath!

Red Burlap Bow, Monogram Painted in Almond, $85.00

This burlap wreath is adorned with a 12" three letter monogram cut in the popular vine font. The burlap wreath itself is made with an 18" wire wreath form and finished with a burlap bow. 

Each monogram is attached with jute string for easy removal for later use. 

Customize your wreath with your own initials and your choice color of burlap bow. I suggest that your wreath be kept under a covering such as a porch to insure longevity. 

Want to place an order, just visit my Etsy shop at  White Sand Creations. Don't have an Etsy account? It's free and easy to do so by visiting www.Etsy.com. and click on the "Register" button located at the top left. Don't want an Etsy account? Just email me at whitesandcreations4u@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Watch out for new items being added to my shop very soon!

Happy Shopping!
~Dee Dee~

White Sand Creations Meets The Cuter Closet

One of the greatest things I love about Etsy is all the wonderful shop owners I've had the pleasure of meeting online and doing business with. As a new shop owner, I felt the need to have business cards. I mean what is a business without business cards. Plus, I began having friends and strangers ask me for my business card. I unfortunately had to tell them that I did not have cards yet. Bummer, right?! That was business lost. Of course I would tell how to find me on all of the hot social media sites and on Etsy. It's just not the same without a business card.

I began my search for business cards on Etsy. I am a firm believer is supporting other Etsy Shop owners as a lot of them are stay at home moms like me. I kept running across the traditional rectangle card and just wasn't "feeling" it. Know what I mean? Well, then I ran across this listing for these round "Mommy Contact Cards".  They were so cute and really wanted to have some round business cards like this. Then whoa and behold, I look up and notice on her page that she can customize. That means make me some business cards, right?

I contacted the shop "The Cuter Closet" owned by Tracy Robinson. I told her what I was looking for and she said she could help me. She drew up some samples and sent them to my in box for my approval. We worked together harmoniously until we got the look I was looking for in a business card. I just couldn't wait to see my cards in person. Needless to say, I was really excited. She shipped them very quickly and each tin can was safely wrapped in tissue paper to keep them from being scratched during shipment. (Isn't she just so smart)  Can I just say too, "What an awesome and easy lady to work with".  She is however, from the South, Mississippi that is.

So, do you want to see what she made for me? Ok, wait no longer...

Oh and Wait! Did I mention that she puts them in this cute little tin to keep them safe? What a clever idea! I told you she was smart!

Here is a sample picture of what I do with my cards. I use them as tags on my items I ship.
Not only does Tracy make business cards and  mommy contact cards, but she makes these oh so cute, closet dividers with sizes. This makes your babies closet easy to organize which in turn makes it easier to find the outfit you need quickly.

To see these and many more items in her shop, just visit Tracy at her Etsy shop by clicking here...The Cuter Closet. Be sure to tell her that I sent ya.

Happy Shopping
~Dee Dee~

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

White Sand Creations Meets Married Filing Jointly

I know what you are thinking! You are thinking "What in the world is she talking about?" White Sand Creations Meets Married Filing Jointly? What is that?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Mrs. Chelsea Thompson, a sweet young southern Lady from Georgia contacted me one day via Etsy. She was very interested in my shop and wanted to know if it was o.k. for her to feature my shop on her blog. What was a small Etsy shop owner like me to do? Not wanting the exposure and wanting to stay small and not get any more sales, I said "NO". What!?! Yes, I'm kidding. I told her "YES". I first ran through the house yelling, "I'm gonna be on a blog, I'm gonna be on a blog" over and over. What a way to boost my confidence. Needless to say, I was very excited.

Enough jabbering. Here is a link to her site for you to see for yourself.


Be sure to read all the way to the end. She has an important announcement. Oh and don't forget to tell her I sent you and please be sure to leave a comment. You know how us bloggers love comments.

~Dee Dee

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monogram Anchor Wreath

I am so excited about our new items.  I have been busy the last few weeks working on some fresh stuff. I'm so pumped up and I hope you will be too.

Our first new item (and you probably know from the title) is a monogram anchor wreath.  Yep,  I said it right.  You have a choice between a one letter or three letter initial monogram.  All letters will be in the vine font.  There are four sizes. ..12", 18", 24" and 36". For prices and ordering just visit my Etsy shop at www.whitesandcreations.etsy.com.
Don't have an Etsy account?  Just email me at whitesandcreations4u@gmail.com

Let me not forget to tell you but you can choose your color too.  Shown below is the 18" anchor in navy blue.  Wait til you see one in red.  It's to die for.

Check back soon as I will be adding more items.

~Dee Dee~

Monogram Door Mat Update

I will be changing my door mats from the leaf print to a Greek key print.  I can no longer get the leaf. 

I really like the Greek key much better. It's more modern and the mat is bigger and more durable.  In case you are wondering,  it's made by Mohawk. 

Here's a picture of the new mat.  Tell me what you think.

And of course you can purchase the customized new Greek key mat from my Etsy shop at White Sand Creations.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Successful Mission Trip

Well thanks to all my customers, condo owners and God, our son was able to go on his mission trip to Honduras.

It was a successful trip. They done more than expected. Their main purpose was to build 3 new homes on a new piece of property that was donated to them.

My son informed me while there, that he lifted over 700 cinder blocks himself. Thats a lot of hard work for a 16 y.o.that doesn't do a lot of that type of labor. I know it feels so good to him and me too that those precious orphans are now sleeping in a much safer home.

There were several miracles that took place while there. To mention a few a man was bit by a deadly scorpion on the thumb.  The troops gathered around him and prayed for him. He said he could feel the venim leaving his body. He came home safe and sound and without a mark. Can we say Praise God!?

While my nephew was waiting in the airplane to take off, he received a last minute phone call from a client.  The client called to inform him that he was sending $5,000 immediately to help pay for the new homes. At that time $13,000 was still needed. All the money that was needed has since been raised. Can we say praise God, again? He is so faithful.

I could go on and in about how good God has been this summer to all the the reams that went to help. He privided, guided, protected and directed everyone, every step of the way.

Thank you to all who purchased items during Our fund raising. You too should know that you helped put an orphan in a very safe and secure home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Don't worry,  I've been bit by the Etsy bug and will continue to sell. Besides, it's an aweful lot of fun.

Til next time
~dee dee~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monogram Door Mat

Another great monogram item from White Sand Creations...a Customized Monogram Door Mat. 

2 years ago I had the idea to monogram these very plain door mats that I had bought for our new home. 2 years later, I still have them at both my doors. I have loved these things so much so I decided to make them available to all my friends. You can get them for $30.00 plus $10.00 S/H.


You may place an order right here in the comment section, email me at whitesandcreations4u@gmail.com. or visit my Etsy shop. You will receive a confirmation email before your mat is custom made.  Please be sure to include the 3 initials you want on the mat as well as the names. In a family home, the initials would include the husbands first name, your last name and your first name. Our mat reads...LHD. L=Lynn, H=Huey and D=Demetrice.

Your mat will measure approximately 18"H x 24"W and will have a raised design finished with a rubber trim. Each letter is painted with the best quality outdoor paint in black. However, with use, your letters may begin to fade. When this happens, just take a black sharpie and touch it up. I've had to do this twice in the past 2 years. Please email me with any other questions.

Because this is a custom order, I can not accept returns.

I look forward to customizing this door mat for your home.

~Dee Dee~

Sunday, March 23, 2014

24" Single Monogram Vine Letter

"Letters for Honduras"

My 16 year old son will be going to Honduras in June. He will be part of a team of builders that are going to build 3 additional houses for an orphanage.  As many know, mission trips are expensive. This being his first trip out of the country there is also the expense of shots and passport. But as people of faith, we believe that God will provide the money. We just have to put our works with our faith.

Me and family

So, In an effort to raise the money necessary, I came up with the idea to make and sell these cute monogram letters. I wanted the best quality so I have chosen the birch wood. It's soft, durable and easy to work with. Each peace is carved, sanded, primed and painted to your favorite color and stands approximately 24 inches tall by 12 inches wide.  Last but not least, it is finished with a burlap bow. (Picture shown). I will be adding a larger variety of bows as time and money allow.

Soon, I will be adding to my collection...3 Initial Monogram Vine Letters to be purchased as a single item or with a wreath.

If you've ever wanted to go on a mission trip like me and never really had the money or the opportunity, why not help send someone. By purchasing these and other items from me, you will be doing just that, helping my son build homes for orphans.

$49.00 Each

To place an order, please visit my Etsy shop for a safe transaction. Please include letter, font style (Vine or Monogram KK) and color. 

External religious worship [religion as it is expressed in outward acts] that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this: to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need, and to keep oneself unspotted and uncontaminated from the world. (Amplified Bible)

~Dee Dee~

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome to White Sand Creations

Hello and Welcome to White Sand Creations. Here you will find crochet items and monogram lettering. I'm so excited about combining my love of crocheting and monogramming. I've been crocheting for as long as I can remember. I still have a blanket that I crocheted with my grandmother when I was nine years old. Also, since 2009 I have been monogramming car tags, car windows, walls, drinking glasses, mail boxes, store windows for my customers. Basically anything that will hold vinyl.  

In January, I decided to combine my crochet and monogram business into one. That's where White Sand Creations was born. Being born and raised in south Alabama along the Gulf of Mexico, I've always had a love for the beach hence the name...White Sand Creations. 

Here, we hope you will find quality hand made items with a touch of southern class. If you haven't noticed, we do things a little different here in the deep south. 

Want to see more? Visit my Etsy shop at and my Facebook page.

Below you will find a hand full of items I can make for you. Please be sure to check back soon as I will be adding more photos.